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Tax preparation is necessary, but not enough

Tax planning is what makes the difference for your financial future.

Enter Focused Tax Solutions


While tax preparers record history, FTS tax planners help you write your tax future. We combine our experience with methods for reducing your tax burden now and in the years to come. This approach simplifies your financial world and provides solutions that work together for your financial benefit and peace of mind.

Instead of taking a reactive approach to your financial future, we take a proactive approach to position our clients to avoid common mistakes and implement strategies to take advantage of the new tax laws that can improve your net worth and cash flow long term.



As an FTS client, you will receive:

1. Comprehensive tax analysis for your situation
2. Quality, up-to-date tax return completion and advice
3. Plans outlining specific action steps
4. Personal consultation with a tax adviser who will help you understand what you’re doing and why




 262-827-1500, ext. 301 or 847-498-0542

James A. Barnash, CFP® Tax Advisor


Kathy Johnson – Tax Advisor